Dealing with Pain Points for E-Commerce Websites

You’ve sunk a lot of energy into building what seems like the perfect E-Commerce website. You have professional product photography, a swish website theme customized to your liking, and of course, compelling products.

You sink money and energy into getting web traffic, and you even start getting some. sales. What gives?

Unfortunately it can take a lot of time, investment, and patience to see any sales on E-Commerce. There are, however, some pain points for customers, which you should be aware of; these can stop customers from flowing down your “Sales Funnel” and Checking Out from the Shopping Cart. If possible, avoid these mistakes with your E-Commerce website.

Too Many Steps

This is the Age of Convenience. Amazon has brought 1-Click purchasing into mainstream consumer consciousness. Forcing someone to create an Account unnecessarily can put a potential customer off of their purchase. Accounts should generally be optional, although that would depend on the nature of your business (obviously if you’re running a subscription based business than you’ll need Customer Accounts to be required). Also, if you can customize your Cart Checkout page to be a minimalistic pop-up, rather than loading a full new page, that could be ideal.

Not Enough Feedback

On the other hand, people do like feedback. When customers click a button, is there a clear message showing them that the button function has been successful?

Too Much Clutter

Too many annoying pop-ups and clutter all over the web pages? This can be a major turn off for potential customers. Don’t underestimate simplicity in web design. Focus on your products and the Sales Funnel process.

Not Enough Company Info

Be sure to feature an About Us, page, as well as pages for your Returns Policy, Privacy Policy, FAQ etc. This helps instill some sense of consumer confidence that your company is not some fly-by-night operation. Also try to get customer reviews for your products.


E-Commerce platforms such as Shopify will often have apps which one can buy that will generate “heat maps,” which track where customers go on your website and what their user experience is like. This can help identify where users may be experiencing issues on your website - this kind of data can be invaluable if you are having issues with sales.

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